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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

Taxes, Government Growth and Regulation

California's government is too big and too expensive. According to the Legislature Analyst's Office, the deterioration of state revenues and the increase in such programs as the prison system, Medi Cal, funding guarantee of Proposition 98 and too many programs to list, has put our state in a financial downward spiral. How did this happen? I am not an economist and do not think anyone fully understands all of the complexities of California's economic situation. I do know the State of California provides too many services that its revenue is unable to support.

The term “Nanny State” was first coined by a British Member of Parliament in 1965, but easily defines the policies of California's government. I do not want people to go hungry, emergency services discontinued or essential public services eliminated. However, we must act now and continue to discipline our legislators to make the right choices.

I offer several suggestions:

As taxes and revenues rise, so do expenditures. Californians are now faced with the opposite reality. All Californians should adopt a self-reliance philosophy. Our reliance on government services is poorly received by its citizens. More money in the pockets of Californians can be spent more efficiently and effectively by all of us. I will support any legislation that reduces the tax burden on California's citizens and businesses. I will oppose any legislation to raise taxes on individuals or California's businesses.

The growth of our government is systemic to many of our financial problems, cumbersome, archaic and inefficient. California deserves better. Our state government is not a for-profit business, but should be conducted in much the same way. Feel good programs and expenditures should be eliminated promptly. Every tax dollar you spend should result in a dollar of public service received.

As a small business person I have felt the effects of burdensome California regulations. Well intended but illconceived laws cost businesses and citizen's precious time and money. If elected, my number one priority will be to make California the number one state to live, work and conduct business.

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