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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

Immigration, Illegal Residents and Border Integrity

California would not be the world's leader in the scientific, technology, agricultural and entertainment industries if it were not for the vast numbers of immigrants. Many of California's immigrants enrich and contribute to California's greatness. The lawful process of U.S. citizenship, legal worker status and visitation should be adhered to.

Foremost, our borders should be secured not only from unlawful immigration, but more importantly from terrorist elements, human and drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

Residents without legal status should be given a short grace period to achieve legal status. After that time, they should be returned to their native country.

I will support legislation that practices greater security along our border, in our government institutions and private businesses. I will further support legislation that provides a legal path to those persons in California illegally who meet acceptance requirements. A path to legal residency must adhere to a strict time and requirement schedule.

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