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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

Gun Control

In the 1990's I held a Federal Firearms license. Until recently I held a Curio and Relic license, both issued by the Federal Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agency. I was allowed to acquire and resell firearms or collect vintage firearms as defined by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agency. I still collect firearms and take great pride in my (admittedly incomplete) collection of WW II battle rifles.

I will oppose any legislation that would impose further gun controls on law-abiding California citizens. I further encourage all law-abiding citizens to possess some type of self-defensive firearm for their own protection. I am not going to recite the Second Amendment or what our founding fathers originally intended in the right to bear arms, but rather let's use common sense. We should not rely on law enforcement to provide personal protection; it just is an impractical and unfair burden on our public services.

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