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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

War on Drugs

California is losing the war on drugs. Although few persons receive prison sentences for simple marijuana possession, a greater percent do for other controlled substances. A person possessing a small amount or under the influence of a controlled substance while conducting lawful activities in my opinion, is different than trafficking, manufacture, sales or other activities, specifically prohibiting its use.

Like alcohol addiction, an addict and/or abuser of a controlled substance is a very serious problem to all of us. We do not incarcerate alcoholics nor should we incarcerate substance abusers.

Historically, addictions have been classified as mental health/behavior problems and should be addressed as such. Recent scientific research indicates that addiction may also be genetic. Although Proposition 36 and drug courts have had mixed results, we should continue to offer a path to sobriety other than incarceration. I will support legislation that continues to offer a path to sobriety for controlled substance addicts/abusers.

The burdensome process of law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate addicts/abusers should be eliminated, saving taxpayer dollars for more serious crimes. Law enforcement money should be utilized to reduce and if possible, eliminate the manufacture, trafficking and sale of controlled substances.

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