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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

A Woman's Choice

There has been no one issue that I have encountered that is more divisive than pro-life/pro-choice. Our founding fathers at the time of independence held abortion to be legally acceptable, if occurring before quickening (the first movement of the unborn infant). Starting in the 1820s and accelerating rapidly in the 1860s, by 1900 all states had some type of law prohibiting abortions. Abortions were being performed illegally however, sometimes with adverse effects and even death of the woman.

By the 1960s, laws were introduced in some states repealing illegal abortions culminating in the Supreme Court decision Roe versus Wade in 1973. The present law regarding abortions has seen some adjustments, but still provides all women the freedom to choose.

Like our nation, I too have struggled with this issue, but feel our present law is appropriate. I will support a woman's choice. It is up to the woman with the counsel of her mate, clinician, and clergy to choose pro-life or pro-choice.

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