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An Independent Voice

An Independent Voice

California Agriculture

If you have read some or all of my stand on the issues, you will know that I am pro-business, pro-growth and anti-big government …with the exception of when it may impact California's precious agricultural industry.

As a young man recently graduated from college, I dreamed of becoming an independent farmer. The thought of working the soil and producing something from nothing seemed magical. I soon realized the cost to get started in such an endeavor was beyond my financial means. I still regard California farmers and ranchers as the most inventive, creative and industrious individuals in California.

California is the 8th largest economy in the world, which is absolutely amazing. It is the 5th largest producer/exporter of agricultural products in the world. That is truly mindboggling.

Precious agricultural land should be preserved. Industrial and urban centers should be planned and located in a way to minimize their effects on California's agricultural land.

I am absolutely committed to expanding agriculture in California. We need more water, not less. I believe in less regulation, not more, and a commitment by California's legislature to make this possible.

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