No Party Preference Voter Drive

No Party Preference Voter Drive

Many of you may know I was a candidate for California's legislature in 2012. I realized not being affiliated with one of the two political parties put me at a severe disadvantage. My message was paramount to winning the election – that a partisan political ideology serves primarily one group over another. The cycle of “winner takes all” and “no compromise” must end. People at the political extremes who shout the loudest leave the majority of us in the middle voiceless. As candidates and as voters, we can make a difference in the voting booth.

I may run for public office again in the future. However, my primary goal now is promoting a voter drive to register California residents as No Party Preference (NPP). I believe this will encourage voters to make independent nonpartisan decisions, allowing for a more centralist legislature resulting in a more efficient and effective group of elected leaders willing to make the difficult decisions that take into consideration the rights and beliefs of all California residents.

I will be scheduling voter drives where people may register or change their voter registration to NPP. I would appreciate any volunteers who would like to coordinate, hand out registration materials, or process voter registration forms at their county registrar's office. Please contact me using the link below.

I would further appreciate newspapers, local TV and other media to publicize the dates and locations of the NPP voter drives. Announcing media may use this release in part or all to notify subscribers.

-Mark Belden

“A Smart Voter Is An Independent Voter”

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