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About Mark

  • Independent
  • Pro-Business, Pro-Agriculture, and Pro-Tourism
  • Limited Government Spending, Growth, and Regulation
  • Reduced Personal and Corporate Tax
  • Personal Responsibility and Self Reliance
  • Fair and Common Sense Legislation

Map of 5th Assembly District

Map of 5th Assembly District

5th Assembly District Stats

Stats on 5th Assembly District

Mark Belden I am a candidate for 5th Assembly District because I understand the particular rural needs within this area of California. I will support legislation and policies that better suit the needs of my constituents. Most importantly, I care deeply about California's future.

California recently approved an open primary system, meaning the top two vote winners advance to the general election. In the past, only one nominee of his or her party would advance to the general election. Although political parties still have a profound influence in the election process, it is no longer necessary to affiliate oneself with a political party to advance in California's elections. All candidates are still required to state their party preference for the last ten years.

The fastest growing political party in California is not a political party at all. Almost 23% of California voters consider themselves Independent or Decline to State. The Secretary of State now defines Decline to State as No Party Preference (NPP). Historically, George Washington was the only president considered an "Independent". At the time of his election, President Washington was not affiliated with any political party. A lifelong Republican, I now consider myself an Independent, socially moderate, fiscal conservative.

I appreciate your support and consideration. If you would like to donate, host a coffee, place a yard sign or volunteer for the 2016 Assembly campaign, please contact us.

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